My Cameras

The very first camera I ever owned was a Canon IXUS 2000 APS film camera. I still remember walking by the window of an electronics store and seeing it at the display for a price I could not afford as a college student surviving on bare minimum. That day I decided to survive on even less and save every penny I could for the next six months until the day finally came that I brought this little gem home with me. I knew nothing about photography back then, other than clicking the button to take a photo at whatever exposure the camera’s auto mode thought was appropriate for the scene. But I loved that little thing and carried it with me everywhere.

Fast forward almost two decades and I’ve just acquired another camera I’ve dreamed about owning – Canon 5D. Not the 5Ds that was released only a few months ago in the US, not 5D Mk III or even Mk II, but the original 5D. I really wanted to have a full frame camera and I spent months researching whether it would make sense to invest in one that is nearly a decade old and, as such, is technologically way behind its successors (which I, by the way, can not afford); and I came to the conclusion that, considering the price, it is absolutely worth it. I’ve only had the camera for a few days, but it’s safe to say that the images it produces are different, in a good way, from those taken with my old faithful 1.6x sensor Canon t2i. One of the advantages of full frame cameras that is often mentioned when you search for difference in full frame vs crop frame cameras is shallower depth of field. For somebody who had never shot with a full frame camera before and who, from back in the film camera days, never paid any attention to the technical side of photography, it sounded good, but it was hard to imagine how big of a difference the shallower depth of field would actually make in the aesthetics of the final image. Being the proud owner of a 5D now, I can say that the difference is amazing! Not only that, it seems like my good old 50mm f1.4 lens has been re-born. It has always been my go-to lens, but it really shines on full frame.

So, without further ado, here it is, my big clunky new BFF:


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