At Target

Going to Target with kids on really hot and humid days in the summer when playing outside is unbearable and staying in the house all day long makes us all a bit nuts provides lots of free entertainment in a cool environment (the word “cool” refers to temperature here). One of the things both of my two older ones like to do is riding “under” the cart, because, lets face it, sitting in the cart on the designated spot is just plain old boring. They both have had their fingers and toes occasionally squeezed under the moving wheels of the cart but it never stops them from doing it over and over again. I certainly don’t win the “mother of the year” award for letting them ride ther, but it’s a battle I’ve chosen not fight.

Of course, both of them usually desperately have to get up and move as soon as I pull out my camera, but I managed to snap this one yesterday.

(50mm, ISO 400, f/2.5, 1/125 sec)


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