Pea Picking

We decided to create a small vegetable, herb, and berry garden in our yard this year. We had, for once, after about the sixth attempt, managed to successfully get a few strawberry plants started from the $1.00 seed packages that are sold at Target in their dollar section, and the girls chose pea, dill, tomato, and carrot seeds and a few seed potatoes to put down as a starter for the garden. To all of our surprise, seemingly all the seeds sprouted and we now have a lot of peas ready to eat, lots of carrots up and coming, enough potatoes to last us a month and plenty of fresh dill for cooking. Tomatoes are not quite ready yet and the strawberries seem to just disappear before we get to eat any – they probably end up as a tasty meal for little critters or slugs, or whoever may be eating them.

We went out to pick some peas today, and the girls had a long conversation about the them afterwards, which was absolutely adorable. My younger girl does not like the peas nearly as much as her older sister, but she was having a blast watching her sister eat them and asking her “is it this big?” while showing a size with her fingers for each pea that her sister picked out of the pod.

(50mm, ISO 50, f/5.6, 1/200 sec)

Pea picking

And here is the one that could have been great of the girls having the pea talk had I, once again, been smart enough to stop down the aperture, so that my older one would not have ended up so out of focus; although I probably would have needed to pull out my flash to make that possible. But here it is anyway.

(50mm, ISO 800, f/5.6, 1/30 sec)


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