At the Park

What a beautiful day it was today. For over a week we have had terribly hot and humid days that make spending any time outside nearly impossible, but today temperatures were in the low eighties with low humidity. So off the kiddos and I went to the local park with a large playground. We like to go there every now and then and have a picnic before the girls run off to the playground, and more often than not, we stop by McDonalds on the way to pick up happy meals for food. I know, it’s the lazy person’s way to have a picnic and far from the healthiest, but the girls enjoy it, so I just roll with it.

It’s fun to see how much my older daughter has developed socially over the past year. Just a year ago, she was too shy to go and play with other kids at the playground even whey they asked her to. Now she runs off and asks other kids if they want to play with her and always manages to find a few new friends. Temporary friends, of course, but still.

She also tries to get her sister to come and play with her and her new friends, but my younger girl has yet to develop a strong desire to partake in games her sister plays. On this photo my older one was trying to convince her sister to come and play tag, but she was seemingly in her own little world and not really interested.

(50mm, ISO 500, f/3.2, 1/1000)

At the park 2On a separate note, taking photos at the park today made me wish for a long zoom lens, something like the Canon 70-200 f/4 (I’m specifying the f/4 only because I don’t even want to dream about owning the 70-200mm f/2.8; considering the price of that beautiful thing, it will never happen). It would be fun to be able to catch more of true “stolen moments” on camera when the kiddos are less aware of me photographing them.

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