Face Paint

My brother-in-law’s family came to visit today. They have two daughters – one is close in age to my oldest and the other one is a few years older – and the girls always have a lot of fun together. My sister-in-law had brought face paints with, and she created beautiful designs on all the girls’ faces.

My oldest one, for once, agreed to have her photo taken, but wanted to run inside to grab something first. On her way back out the poor thing somehow got her fingers caught in the door. Nothing serious, it didn’t even leave a mark, but of course it hurt a lot for a short while. After I had calmed her down and kissed her fingers a million times, she was still ok with me taking her picture, but inevitably it had to be one with a despondent expression on her face. I still love it, and it is my favorite out of all the photos I took today.

(50mm, ISO 100, f/3.2, 1/400 sec)

Face Paint

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