At the Pediatrician’s

My baby boy has had a fever and been in general more fussy and somewhat unlike his happy self for a few days now. He also started to touch his right ear for about five days ago. The combination of those symptoms made me worry that he has an ear infection. I’m normally not one to rush to the pediatrician when my children show signs of illness that seem to be nothing more than regular childhood viruses, but, with our upcoming trip to Sweden in three days, I thought it was best to rule out ear infection, because being on an airplane can affect the normal air-pressure-regulating system in the middle ear, and make the feeling of pain worse for the baby. So off we went to see the doctor.

I wish I were brave enough to ask the doc if I could take a photo while he was examining the baby – one of these days I will have to get up the courage to ask strangers if I can take their photo and post it here – but instead I captured him sitting on the floor in the examining room waiting for the doc to come in.

Oh, and he does not have an ear infection.

(24mm, ISO 320, f/4.0, 1/60 sec)

At the Pediatrician's

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