At Serviseair Lounge in Schiphol

We’re finally in Sweden! We’ve actually been here for a few days but I finally had a chance to sit down and post a new photo. My mom had no photo editing software on her laptop so I downloaded a 30 day trial of Lightroom and any and all edits to my photos I do here will be done only in Lightroom. I love Photoshop and the layers and the ability to change opacity on all layers and the myriad of tool available to me there, but Lightroom was actually, for the longest time, my favorite photo editing software until I dared to dive into Photoshop. I still do all the basic raw editing in Lightroom at home also and I us it as a cataloguing and organizing software, but Photoshop is these days my go-to program for main stylistic edits. Maybe it’s a good thing to not have access to Photoshop though, since it will force me to use Lightroom to its full potential.

My mom only has a laptop and I am not sure if the images I post here will actually be the accurate representation of what I think they are. I had to learn it the hard way to not trust laptop screens for photo accuracy from the days whe I did all my edits on a small laptop. It seems that most laptop screens, well, at least the more affordable laptop screens, seriously lack in contrast, vibrance, and overall color depth, so I have a tendency to ‘over-edit’ photos on laptops, only to be mortified after seeing the images on a regular monitor. I checked my blog here on my mom’s laptop and my photos all looked significantly different from what they seem on both my screen back home and prints. I changed some settings on my mom’s laptop and I think it’s closer to reality now and I hope I don’t need to be mortified when I look at the photos I post on this blog once I get back home.

Back to this photo now. It was taken at the Servisair Lounge in Schiphol during our 7 hour layover in Amsterdam. I made the unfortunate mistake of focusing on the glass on the table. I don’t remember why I chose to focus on the glass and the photo would have much better conveyed the feeling it evokes in me, had I placed the focus on the big ad opposite of the large glass window instead, but it is what it is, and I consider it a lesson learned in composition.

(24mm, ISO 800, f/5.6, 1/50 sec)

At Schiphol Swissport Lounge

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