My Nephew

It’s been a year since I saw this little person. It’s sad that all my family lives so far away and that my kiddos will, because of that, probably never develop the kind of relationship with their swedish cousin that I used to have, and still do, with my cousins. But at least we get a chance to get together once a year and it’s pretty amazing to see all the kids play together so well despite the lack of common language.

This kaybord thing that my parents have is always a big hit with any kiddo that comes to visit here. And it’s also placed in a nice spot by two windows for bautiful natural light photos, although today I had to use a speedlight bounced off the wall facing my nephew becuase it was kind of gloomy and rainy causing less than normal amount of natural light to be available for taking photos.

(35mm, ISO 400, f/4.0, 1/160 sec + speedlight at 1/2 power bounce off opposing wall)

Henri wm

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