I was playing around with macro mode on my lens today. My mom has so many beautiful flowers in her yard that were calling for me to photograph them. Photographing nature is usually not really my ‘thing;’ I love capturing people and faces and different facial expressions, but I think it’s good to sometimes get out of your comfort zone and try your hand at something different – especially since my kiddos will not stay still long enough to make it possible for me to do macro shots of their eyes :).

I somehow kept going back to a set of clematis’ fowers that had dropped their petals. Yes, it was fun to shoot roses, but I quickly realized that I was not able to capture their natural beauty in a way that would do them justice. So there I was again in front of those soon-to-be-dead clematis flowers when I noticed a ladybug climbing on one. My camera settings were not exactly right for getting a good shot of the moving ladybug – I should have had a faster shutter and stopped down the aperture to compensate – but I did not think that I had time to fiddle with my camera settings for fear of having the ladybug fly away. I took the shot and I like it just as it is, well, the ladybug is not tack sharp becuase of, well, the slowish sutter and no tripod, but somehow the light fell on the little bug just right, which makes so much of that photo just right for me. Right enough that I don’t dare to edit it for the fear of losing sight of it’s original beauty.

(80mm, ISO 100, f/7.1, 1/80 sec)


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