Self Portrait in the Mirror

I’m not sure what made me grab the camera and take a photo of myself in the entryway mirror at my parents’ house before I went outside, but I did. I glanced at the resulting image on my small camera screen and I thought it looked interesting with the narrow mirror and a lot of empty space next to it, so I took a few more just to try out different angles. And then I got this brilliant idea of placing the camera on my hip while taking a photo to later create a blog post titled ‘A new Meaning of Shooting from the Hip.’ I figured out a good way to get the focus right by first focusing on my face with auto, then changing the focusing mode to manual and moving the camera to my hip to take the photo. I gotta say, I mastered the technique rather quickly and I was all excited about this evening’s blog post… until I actually looked at the photos on the computer screen. I just did not look right – way too posed and down right silly on some of the photos. Oddly, the only photo I found to be reasonable was the very first shot, from before I got the foolish shooting-from-the-hip idea.

(70mm, ISO 400, f/5.0, 1/40 sec.)

Self Portrait in the Mirror

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