An upscale McDonald’s?

I decided to take the girls to McDonald’s today, partially to check out the newly built fast food place in town and partially becuse my kids enjoy a Happy Meal every now and then. Since many McDonalds’ in the US have an indoor playground, I was also hoping that the new one here would be equipped with one and that the girls could get some exercise and maybe try to interact with swedish kids. It turns out that the McDonald’s did have both and indoor and outdoor play structure; however, both of them were very small and not much fun. Moreover, even though there were some other kids on the outdoor play structure, the difference in spoken language does seem to create a barrier for common play at a public playground.

Despite the aforementioned issues, I was absolutely blown away by the place. Had there not been the regular McDonald’s items on the menue, and the big sign outside indicating the restaurant’s name, I would have never guessed what restaurant I was in. It was sparkling clean, somebody really put some thought into the interior design of the place, and people who worked there seemed so happy and friendly. Absolutely unlike any american McDonald’s I’ve ever been to. That thing on the right on the photo is where you throw your trash, and yes, it does not all go in the same place, you separate your leftovers from your recyclables and drink leftovers from cups and cups from straws. It’s a whole amazing system and it’s all so clean. I wish I had a wider angle lens available to capture more of the place in one photo, but I think this one gives you a reasonable idea of what it looks like. I wonder if all McDonald’s restaurants in Europe look like this?

(24mm, ISO 400, f/5.0, 1/40 sec)

McDonalds in Motala

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