A Portrait of Cousins

My parents asked that I take a photo of all of their grandchildren together. I usually dislike taking group photos for the simple reason that I am not good at it, but I really wanted to do this for my mom and dad. I scouted out a nice place in their back yard, I observed how the sun hits it at various times of the day, I started talking to my girls about it a few days before the actual picture day to make sure that they cooperate, I even dressed them all similar to make for a more appealing photograph, I planned it all so well, and…. I failed. As usual, I could not get all of the kids to look happy at the same time; heck, I couldn’t get my middle child and my nephew to smile at all, and I am not terribly happy with any of the shots, but there might be one or two that are at least a reasonable representation of their personalities, smiling or not, and thus maybe a worthy keepsake for my parents.

The one I chose to post here is not a technically excellent one. The kids were moving too much at the time for a tack sharp photo at the shutter speed I had set my camera at, but I am amused by how two of them seem to point in opposite directions for some reason, and they all seem to be in their own little worlds miles apart from each other despite their physical closeness.

(70mm, ISO 100, f/7.1, 1/80 sec + a white reflector to light up the faces from the sun slightly behind and above)

Cousins 1

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