Waiting for a Train

I finally had a chance to take my girls on a real train ride. Taking the train was my favorite method of transportation, both for local commutes and longer distances, when I lived in Sweden and I wanted my kids to experience it; especially after our visit to the Railroad Museum in Baltimore a few months ago where they got all excited about the thought of being on a real train. We took the local commuter train from Motala to Norrköping and spent the day shopping in Norrköping. The girls had a blast and my baby boy happily slept through most of the train ride.

On our way back we had about a 15 minute wait at the train station and I took this shot of the girls sitting on the platform anxiously anticipating the train’s arrival. I was excited about the thought of what I had captured until I opened the photo up on the computer screen and realized my huge blunder when it comes to composition. It’s the shot that could have been great had I only not zoomed in so close and instead concentrated on getting both of my girls’ shadows fully in the frame. Sadly, this is yet again a lesson learned in composition – think, and then think again before you press the shutter.

(70mm, ISO 100, f/7.1, 1/400 sec)

Waiting for a Train

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