An Accidental Portrait

My girls were ‘doing my hair’ in the bathroom today with my baby boy also hanging out there with us, randomly scooting around in his pre-crawling way. I had my camera there trying to get a good shot over my head of my girls messing with me when I noticed my little man being perfectly positioned between the two claw feet of my parents’ tub. I also happened to have the reflector nearby making for a perfect opportunity for a nice portrait.

There is quite a bit of light coming in from a sizeable window in the bathroom, but it was an overcast and rather dark day today, so unfortunately I had to use too slow of a shutter speed to make it possible to nail that perfectly sharp portrait of a constantly moving baby. I’m still quite happy with the result though.

(45mm, ISO 500, f/4.0, 1/30 sec + silver reflector to the left of the baby bouncing some window light on the right back into his face)

My Baby Boy

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