My Parents’ 45th Wedding Anniversary

My parents celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary yesterday. I am so glad that I was able to be here for the festivities. I had planned on taking a nice photo of them on their special day already before I came here. In fact, I brought my tripod, a speedlight and some light modifiers with me and even borrowed the reflector I had given my sister for Christmas. All for nothing. When it came the time to take a photo of them I changed my mind about my original thought on how to do it – outside, having a dense evergreen hedge as a backdrop with a fill light where the sun light wasn’t enough/was too strong on its own with my parents posed in a certain way.

Then I saw some of their original wedding photos, and my mom had set the table so nicely, and my parents’ dining room should have enough light with, so instead of what I decsribed before, I had them sit at the table and try to mimic the way they were posed on a portrait of their wedding. I realized during post process what a mistake that was. My mom looked gorgeous that day and I even managed to get a photo of the two of them with nice expressions at the same time (which, if you knew my parents, you’d know how difficult that is to achieve), and yet so much about this photo is wrong, photographically speaking. I needed more light, and I needed a fill light and the background is too busy and, for once, I regret not opening up the lens more as I usually have the opposite issue; here I was too afraid of not getting both of their faces in focus so I went overboard with stopping down the aperture. But it is what it is.

(37mm, ISO 640, f/9.0, 1/30 sec)

Parents' Wedding Anniversary_pp

Wedding Anniversary

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