At the Poolside

We have a big swimming pool in our backyard. It is both a blessing and a curse. It’s really nice to go for a swim to cool down in the summer months that are horrifically hot and humid in Maryland and the kids are loving hanging out in the pool, but the maintenance is terribly expensive and it makes it impossible for me to send the girls outside to play in the backyard, which is otherwise fully fenced in and safe, without me always having to go out also.

I don’t normally bring out my camera while we are out by the pool. Being alone with three of them out there most of the time makes it simply impossible to concentrate on taking photos. My three-year-old has fallen in the pool twice in the two years that we’ve lived here, and had I been busy doing something other than watching her like a hawk, who knows what may have happened. I took this shot of my older one right before we left for Sweden when we had some friends over and several adults watching the kids in the pool. I just never got around “developing” it until now.

(35mm, ISO 100, f/4/0, 1/640 sec)


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