Little Ballerina

I’ve taken a two week long break from this blog. Partially because we were in Seattle visiting my in-laws for a week and I did not have access to a computer there and partially because I have been absolutely exhausted after all this traveling with no chance to recover since my baby boy is suddenly become a horrible sleeper – up nearly every 40 minutes throughout the night looking for comfort. But I can’t postpone picking up where I left off with my promise to take and post one photo here forever, so here I am at 9:30pm with red eyes and a fuzzy brain trying to fit a post in between my little man’s wake-ups.

My sister got my girls these pink leotard tutu dresses that they absolutely love to wear around the house, pretending that they are little ballerinas. Now, they have no idea how to dance ballet – they’ve never taken any dance classes – but they both have a very active imagination and they are downright adorable showing me their moves. I took this shot of my oldest, because her hands were so perfectly placed on her tutu and with not much of the rest of her body showing, it looked like she actually knew how to pull off real ballet poses.

(85mm, ISO 1000, f/1.2, 1/800 sec)

Little Ballerina

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