Nursing in Public

I find it odd that the subject of nursing in public still is considered controversial by many. I’ve read quite a few articles in the past year about how various stores and coffee shops have told nursing mothers to either cover up or leave. I used to use a nursing cover with my first child when out and about, but I ditched it with my second, partially because she didn’t tolerate having anything cover her while she was eating and partially because I realized that there really is nothing to cover. I never even attempted to pull out the cover with my third.

Today’s photo is of me nursing my baby boy. I deliberately did not wear specific nursing clothes just to see how much of my breast would show if I simply lifted up my top to nurse my child. The result is none, you really can’t see anything, even if you can clearly tell that I’m nursing. So what’s all the fuss about having to cover up in public?!?

(85mm, ISO 50, f/2.5, 1/640 sec)

Nursing in Public

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