At the Library in Motala, Sweden

I have over a thousand photos from our trips to Sweden and Washington state to sort through and pick the best to make into a photobook. It’s a ridiculous amount of photographs and I will feel persistent low grade anxiety until I’ve created the books and sent them off to print. I’ve decided that the only way to get this done is by not taking any new photos until these are finished. It will also be reflected on my blog – I’ll be posting one favorite photo of the ones I’ve managed to go through any given day instead of posting anything new – starting tonight.

I took this photo of my oldest one at the library in Motala. She loves to read and about half-way through our visit it occurred to me that we could see if the local library has any books in English. Turns out that not only do they have books in English, they also have a wonderful section of the library dedicated to children with areas to play, read, and hang out. Right next to the children’s are was this oversized super comfortable bright red curved sofa facing large windows. When my daughter had finished picking the bools she wanted to borrow, I asked her to go and sit on the couch to have me take a few photos of her. She unwillingly sort of complied. She went over to the couch, but instead of sitting, she decided to lie down, because she was “sooooo tired.”

(38mm, ISO 100, f/4.5, 1/100 sec)

At the Library

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