Self Portrait, Glamour Style

I played around with some make-up that I had bought for an upcoming photo project while my baby boy was asleep and decided to take a self portrait with the intention of trying to turn my face into something more conforming to modern day beauty standards. I worked with one of the photos for a while tonight and managed to turn myself into something almost unrecognizable, but with greatly improved features, or so I think. So here’s a glamour style portrait of me. In the future I need to spend way more time figuring out how to get lighting exactly how I want it – I did not intend to have that shadow to my right but to my defense, I took the photo in cramped quarters in my study and the two lights were nearly stacked on top of the tripod. I could have also further “improved” this photo in Photoshop, especially the lip area, but I had to stop and call it the night because I can barely keep my eyes open at this point, so it is what it is.

(50mm, ISO 50, f/5.6, 1/160 sec + a speedlight with snoot at 1/16 power and a speedlight with Gary Fong collapsible lightsphere and a light amber gel)

Self Portrait Glamour Style b

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