Young Artist at Work

My oldest daughter loves to draw. She’s loved it since before she could hold a pen steadily in her hand. And she is really good at it. She says that she wants to be an artist when she grows up. When I saw her drawing on the easel today, I had to grab my camera to try to capture the concentration on her face. I had to work very quickly to get the shot since she is going through a camera avoidance stage. That, or she makes a silly face as soon as I turn the camera toward her. Therefore I had no time to fiddle with camera settings or try to get the photo framed just right. There is so much that is technically wrong with this shot, but I think I managed to capture what I set out to capture and that is this wonderful expression of complete concentration and seriousness about what she is doing. She was drawing flamingos here, by the way.

(50mm, ISO 320, f/2.0, 1/25 sec)

Young Artist at Work

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