The Beautiful but Short-Lived Shell Fort

The cabin that my in-laws own in Port Ludlow, WA is right on the water and during low tide, there is a wide sandy beach where kids can entertain themselves for hours building sandcastles, trying to get sprayed by clams hiding under the surface, picking shells and just getting muddy and gross like kids should be. One of the morning we were there, my girls built a huge fort with the help of their dad and decorated it with shells with my help. Since the low tide doesn’t last very long, the fort was submerged only a few hours after it came to being, but it was fun for all of us while it lasted. One of my favorite photos of the girls from our trip to WA this past summer was taken there. They just look so cool with their sunglasses on with mostly only their faces visible.

(41mm, ISO 100, f/5.6, 1/800 sec)

Fort for the Cool Kids

My oldest one tried to defend it till the end, but humans are pretty powerless against nature.

(38mm, ISO 100, f/10, 1/160 sec)

Defending the Fort

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