First Indoor Playground Visit

My girls were home from school today due to teacher work day and we finally got to do some of the things we used to do quite often together over the course of the past few years. First we visited the library and then the local mall where the girls like to go on a carousel and play on the indoor playground. We ended the day with “pizza Friday” – we had pizza for dinner, which we ate on the living room floor while watching Curious George Halloween movie to compensate for the weekly pizza event at school where all the kids eat pizza and watch a short movie during lunch on Fridays and that my oldest had to miss today due to school being closed.

Today was the first time for my little boy to visit the playground and he had a blast. I missed out on a lot of shots on him, because there was this odd 4-5 year-old boy on the playground who continuously attempted to touch my camera lens and deliberately placed himself between me and my baby right when I tried to take a photo of him, but I was still able to document his first playground adventure to some extent. This photo is of him hanging out under a “bridge” – one of the two of his favorite activities there; the other one being trying to climb up on various things that were way too high for him to get up on.

(85mm, ISO 400, f/2.8, 1/125 sec)

First Time at an Indoor Playground

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