Shopping Cart Fun

My baby boy is super active and he is no longer happy sitting peacefully in the cart during a shopping trip that lasts any longer than about 15 minutes. When it’s just he and I at a store, I often end up letting him roam free for a little while. Lately he has started to try to “help me” push the cart which often means that he pushes the cart away from me when I stop for a moment to look at something. So far I still find it adorable even if the disappearing cart is not always the most fun thing to deal with in the moment. All my kids have done it at some point before they were able to walk on their own and it brings back sweet memories of when they were still little also. I took this photo at Costco today. It didn’t turn out quite how I had planned – in an ideal world, he would have pushed the cart straight down the middle of the isle which would have made for a much nicer composition – but he is a baby and expecting him to go perfectly straight with a heavy shopping cart is probably expecting too much of him.

(85mm, ISO 320, f/3.2, 1/100 sec)

Shopping Cart Fun

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