Happy Halloween

There are only a few hours left of October 31. All my kiddos are sound asleep and all the Halloween craziness is over. It’s time for me to finally breathe out. For the past three years the last week of October has been terribly stressful for me because I take on the project of making costumes for the kiddos to wear for various Halloween festivities. I love the idea of making their costumes and I enjoy going to Joannes with them and letting them pick out what they want to be for Halloween and the fabrics they want me to make their costumes of. I also love the end result and I actually take quite a bit of pride in my children’s costumes being hand-made with lots of love, but I do not enjoy the actual costume making nearly as much as I always imagine that I will. I tend to procrastinate with getting started which then leads to several super late nights of sewing when all I want to do is to go to close my eyes and go to bed. But, at the end, the effort is still very much worth it and they get to show off their costumes on several occasions both at school and around the neighborhood.

(50mm, ISO 100, f/8, 1/125 sec + monolight at 1/8 power with a 24×36 softbox and two speedlights with blue gels)

Happy Halloween

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