Last night I finally got some time in my studio again. I have this photo project in mind that I’ve slowly been gathering props for and I’ve been trying to work out the courage to actually do it. It may seem odd that I’m so afraid of just diving into it, but the image in my head looks awesome, and I’m afraid that I’ll screw up the actual final image. As long as it’s just in my head, I can still hope that it’ll look great and I can continue to feel good about myself.

Anyway, back to this image. This was a test shoot of trying out this ghosting technique that I want to use for the above mentioned project. The idea is to use a flash combined with a very slow shutter speed on a “partially” moving subject to create something like a very controlled double exposure. The flash is supposed to freeze a part of the subject – in my case it’s the face – while the slow shutter will continue to record the movement in other parts of the subject. I’m not sure if I did it absolutely right, but I really liked the result straight out of the camera last night. With only minor post-processing, I thought that I was done and happy with it. But I kept going back and looking at it over the course of the day today, and I saw more and more things wrong with it – tonal mis-match in certain areas, sort of bland-looking hair on the non-ghosty parts, etc. I went back tonight and made a few more changes to the image in Photoshop, and I think that it’s better than before, but maybe still not as good as it could be. I clearly need to continue working on perfecting the technique.

(85mm, ISO 100, f/13, 1 sec + 150ws monolight on a little more than 1/2 power with 17in beauty dish with 30* grid)


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