Elf Ears

I never put much thought into what my ears look like. Until I met my husband, that is. He claims that I have ears that are kind of pointy on top in an unusual way, sort of like elf ears. I think I sort of see what he is talking about, but only when it comes to my right ear. That’s right, my ears look completely different from each other. Now my baby boy seems to have inherited my ear defect. Oddly enough, unlike me, his left ear is the elfish one and his right has a more common round tip. I took this photo last night, and, although the high ISO I had to use to get the right exposure for this shot caused a bit of ugly digital noise in the darker areas, you can still clearly see my baby’s elfish ear shape.

(85mm, ISO 1000, f/4.0, 1/30 sec)

Elf Ears

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