The Photos That Could Have Been…

… Could have been great that is. I love the expression on my baby boy’s face on both of these images, yet there is so much that is wrong technically and composition-wise with both of them. Why am I posting them? As I said, I absolutely love the way my baby looks on both, and I think sometimes you sort of have to look past all that other stuff about a technically good photograph. Unless you are entering a photo competition, sometimes that technically poor shot will have captured the essence of a person and therefore be valued for years to come despite all of its flaws.

Both of those images were shot “through” a big jasmine bush. It made for such a beautiful out-of-focus foreground but man was it hard to deal with with a fast moving baby. This first shot is majorly suffering of both motion blur and focus being off. My shutter speed was relatively slow for what I tried to capture and I was focusing manually, which is really difficult when you are dealing with a moving subject. Why manual focus? I think my lens is slightly front-focusing on auto so I was practicing manual focusing with that specific lens. I tried to sharpen his eyes in post, but I think I actually went a bit over-board with it. It’s rather noticeable when you zoom in. So here’s a combination of a poor in-camera work and also less than ideal post-processing work; yet I still love this shot because his face is just so him.

(135mm, ISO 400, f/4.0, 1/160 sec)

The Photo That Could Have Been 1

This second image is focused correctly and, since he was not really moving much here, the relatively slow shutter speed did not affect the sharpness of the image as much; however, the composition is really bad with the out-of-focus jasmine bush on the foreground leaving odd, almost transparent lines all over his face. But again, the expression is my baby boy in a nutshell.

(135mm, ISO 400, f/4.0, 1/160 sec)

The Photo That Could Have Been 2

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