A Boy and his Cat

I felt like a bad mom today. I’m the treasurer of my kids’ school’s Board of Directors and we have a lot of stuff on our plate right now, so I spent the afternoon composing emails and worrying about getting everything lined up for the Board instead of playing with my baby boy. He was pretty patient for a while though, and kept himself busy without complaint. One of the things he entertained himself with was our cat. I had no idea he was even playing with the cat until I suddenly heard the cat meow and looked over where the noise was coming from and there was my baby, up on the bean bag almost sitting on top of the poor cat. After making sure that the cat was ok, I grabbed my camera and took a few shots of them. The room was relatively dark so the photo suffers, once again, of slight blur caused by way too slow of a shutter, but I’m glad I got this photo of the two of them together.

(85mm, ISO 640, f/3.2. 1/30 sec)

A Boy and His Cat

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