I bought a pack of soft spiral curlers the other day and my oldest one had been asking me to try them on her ever since she saw the package. I had some free time today after I picked the girls up from school and decided to give it a try. For some reason the curlers did not work at all on her hair, they may have made her hair a little more “fluffy” but there certainly were no spiral curls to speak of once the curlers came out. I did get some cute shots of her while the curlers were in her hair though.

I particularly like this one. You may see that she is holding up her three fingers on the photo. That was to show me how many more photos I was allowed to take of her. If I remember correctly, her face was turned away from the camera, because she was showing her sister how many more photos I had left to take. Converted to black and white with some dodging and burning for added drama and my girl looks like a star getting ready to for her appearance on a show.

(85mm, ISO 640, f/3.2, 1/60 sec)


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