Turning 40

Yep, I’m 40 years old. I try to repeat this to myself over and over in hopes that eventually I’ll start believing it.

So now about this photo. It all started with those purple artificial nails that I found at Target about a month and a half ago for $1.99. I purchased the lipstick to match on the same trip and I knew that they were the first props for what was going to be a photo project that I had yet to come up with. Over the course of the next month and a half I decided that the purple color of the nails and lipstick would look best in a minimalist high-keyish image in the honor of my upcoming big birthday. And so the hunt for white make-up began. It’s surprisingly hard to find white foundation that does not look clownish, but this Manic Panic thing that I found on amazon is rather fabulous and can actually be mixed with any regular foundation to make for a beautiful pale ivory everyday make-up base for light skin. White mascara, however, does not seem to exist anywhere, so I had to use the white primer of L’Oreal Double Extend Mascara and cover it with white powder eye shadow on both my eye lashes and eyebrows to get them white. The stick-on rhinestones were the perfect thing to add a bit of “punch” to complete the look.

My original thought was to find a pendant or charm with the number 40 to put on a ring and I would then hold my finger with the ring up to my lips with my eyes closed, sort of like sending the message that I am in fact 40 now but asking the world to be quiet about it. (And no, I am not embarrassed about my age, it just seemed like it would make for an interesting image). It wasn’t an easy task to find an affordable pendant either, but I finally managed to locate one for $4.00 on Ebay.

On the day of the shoot, I first took a number of shots the way I had originally planned in my head, but none of them looked right. After a bit of experimenting this is the pose that I liked best. Of course, looking at the photo now, I really wish I would have thought of buying a nose ring and a small hoop earring and connect them with a rhinestone chain. I think it may have taken this photo from fun to awesome.

As a side note, I learned to never put on artificial nails before setting up lights and camera in the studio. I don’t normally have long fingernails and trying to work my studio equipment with these artificial ones was a ridiculously difficult task.

(85mm, ISO 100, f/8.0, 1/160 sec + 150ws monolight with 10* grid on 1/8 power, a speedlight on 1/4 power on background and a speedlight in 1/64 power as a fill from below)

Turning 40



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