Long Exposure Portrait

I went to my studio tonight with no clear concept of what I was going to shoot, I just had this urge to create something, anything, tonight. I picked my newest sweater dress and my oldest pair of high heeled boots, put on some make up and decided to play around with long exposures.

There is something pretty amazing about the super sharp portraits that modern digital cameras can create. And no, I do not own one of those cameras or lenses that are capable of taking portraits where you can see detail in every eyelash in a person’s face when zoomed in really close, so even if I wanted to, I could not do that. But the thing is, I also find it kind of boring. The photographers I admire the most – on the very top of my list would be Paolo Roversi – don’t really aim for that. Instead, their photos are special and memorable in a way that I can only wish that I could one day “replicate.” So, tonight, I decided to throw any concerns about sharpness aside and try my hand at portraits taken with long exposure, which, by their nature, can never be tack sharp.

I shot some silly frames where I deliberately tried to create a lot of movement, but my favorite of the bunch was the one where I was trying to keep as still as possible, something that is surprisingly hard to do in the span of 2 seconds.

(50mm, ISO 100, f/22, 2.0 sec +150 ws monolight with 17″ beauty dish and 30* grid as main light and 150ws monolight with 12×36 softbox as a fill)

Long Exposure Portrait


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