The Making of Our 2015 Christmas Card

I had a quick shoot today for a photo for our Christmas Card. When I take photos of the kids, I usually set up the lights and whatever props there may be and ask one of them to stand in for a pre-shoot where I make sure that the lighting is how I want it to be. My baby boy has a very little tolerance for posing in one spot so once I get him where I need him to be, I have no time to play around with my camera settings or light placement. I have to get the shot within minutes or I’ll lose him and getting him back to where he needs to be will usually result in a very upset little person.

I’m quite happy with the final result and I managed to send it off to AdoramaPix for printing tonight. I’m feeling quite accomplished here – it’s the first year when I’ll be on time sending out holiday cards. I can’t post the final image that I chose for the card here since I know that my mom reads my blog daily and I don’t want to ruin the surprise for her when she opens her mail and sees the card. Instead, I decided to post a pre-shoot photo of my girls. The lighting and my camera settings are actually a bit off here and I had to adjust both for the actual shoot, but I love the interaction between my girls captured here. I wish I remembered what my oldest one was trying to explain to her sister here.

This photo also shows how small my makeshift studio really is, and that background stand… I got it on ebay for about $20.00 a year ago. It seemed cheap and it is, in every sense of the word. It’s barely seven feet tall and I can only use three out of the four crossbars – if I used all four it would be too wide for my backgrounds and I could not pull them taught, but using only three is not wide enough – and to top it off, it’s super flimsy. One of these days I will have to invest in a new background stand that will reach all the way to the ceiling and have a telescoping crossbar that lets me adjust the width precisely to the width of my backgrounds.

(50mm, ISO 100, f/11, 1/125 sec + 150ws monolight on 1/2 power with 8″ reflector and 30* grid and 150ws monolight on 3/4 power with 8″ reflector and 20* grid)

Making of Our Christmas Card

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