When You Really Need That Flash to Work

I was practicing using bounce flash the other day and was just taking random photos of my kiddos. 99 percent of the time the flash recharged fast enough for me to take the photo I wanted to take, but then there was that 1 percent, that one shot that turns out to be the cutest one, that one shot that you really wanted the flash to work… there is your baby looking his most naturally adorable going about his daily crawlings around, and the flash doesn’t fire. So you get this shot, the best out of the bunch, that is technically crap because it’s so severely underexposed. You take Photoshop to the rescue, but it’s still missing that something, that clarity that you only get with properly exposed shots. Those darn speedlights with their sometimes ridiculously slow recycling times…

(135mm, ISO 100, f/4.5, 1/160 sec)

When you really need that flash to work

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