Time Hop

Last weekend we hung up some of our old photos that were taken by a photographer friend when my oldest daughter was newborn. The wall where those photos are now hanging is clearly missing something – photos of my two younger children when they were brand new. So tonight I spent a few hours going through newborn photos of my baby girl and converting them to black and white to match the style of the photos of my oldest.

It was a much harder project than I thought it would be. Back then I only shot in jpeg and, although I have a lot of photographs of my baby girl as a newborn, many of them not only have poor focus but also other issues that would be a breeze to take care of in a raw file, but it proves to be so much more difficult when working with a jpeg. Truth to be told though, it doesn’t matter whether the photos are perfect, I’m glad I have a whole bunch of them. When my youngest was born, I had gotten better at taking photos, but it also made me less likely to just grab the camera – I wanted to take the perfect photos instead of just documenting his early babyhood whenever I could. And those “perfect photos” didn’t always turn out so perfect either.

Enough said. Here’s my baby girl, just shy of a month old with her head leaning on my mom’s hands.

Time Travel 2

I was so lucky to have my parents be able to come and stay with us from Sweden for a month when she was born. In fact, they arrived on a Wednesday night, I was hospitalized on Thursday and she was born in the early hours of Sunday, about two weeks before her due date. Talk about perfect timing! My mom took this photo outside of our Charleroi home when baby girl was about three weeks old.

Time Travel



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