A Princess in Her Fort

We went to a Christmas tree farm today to choose and cut our own Christmas tree. Every year I insist on getting a Fraser fir because that’s the species I used to have as a Christmas tree growing up, but they are hard to find as a cut your own tree at tree farms because growing them is more labor intensive than other species. To get that Fraser fir at a tree farm that also has a Santa, whom the kids wanted to see, we had to drive about an hour north-west from where we live. Pretty long drive for a tree, but it was worth it. The place had a lot of fun stuff for kids from petting zoo to several playground areas. One of the areas had a cool fort with slides and swings and my oldest two spent quite a while running around in there. At some point I caught my oldest in a window at the fort and it was just picture perfect. The only thing that was missing there, unfortunately, was her smile; but I guess the forlorn look kind of goes with the ambiance.

(85mm, ISO 100, f/5.0, 1/125 sec)

Princess in her Castle

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