Sleeping Beauty

The other day I was a little too early picking up my oldest daughter from school so I pulled over and stopped the car just a few hundred yards from there. She always asks me to come closer to the end of the pick-up time because she wants to have some time to play with her friends on the playground before leaving for home. My baby boy was asleep while my baby girl was was wide awake in her car seat in the back seat.

I decided to occupy my time with taking photos of my girl through the rear-view mirror, but there was something that didn’t look quite right about those photos – it was probably the darkness inside of the car compared to the bright sunlight outside that made everything surrounding the mirror blown out when I dialed in correct exposure for her face. So, instead, I turned myself toward her at which point she promptly proceeded to pretend to be asleep. Man, she’s good at pretending to be asleep. Looking at the photo, you would never guess that she was actually wide awake. I like how the side window casts beautiful light in her face leaving most of the rest of the photo relatively dark; but I wish that the big out of focus blob that is the head rest of the seat in front of her would not have been there.

(85mm, ISO 1000, f/2.8, 1/80 sec)

Sleeping Beauty

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