Trip to IKEA

I love going to IKEA. I get to buy lösviktsgodis, and Kalles Kaviar, and Prinsessbakelser, and pepparkakor, and glögg, and a whole bunch of other foods that remind me of home. I think my excitement about IKEA is also rubbing off on my oldest two, because they are very eager to visit the store as well.

We had a really good trip there today. The kiddos were at their best behavior and it was so much fun to watch my little man explore at the play area at the restaurant and then he decided to take off toward the cash registers… over and over and over again, which is where the fun kind of stopped for me. I took this photo of him during his first adventure off the play area. At some point he fell on his butt and just sat there for a little while looking at everything going on around him while occasionally looking back making sure that I was still there. 

(85mm, ISO 1250, f/2.8, 1/100 sec)

Trip to IKEA

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