At McDonald’s

My girls have their winter break from school now and they asked me this morning if we could go and have lunch at McDonald’s today. Our local McDonald’s has a large play area and it’s always fun for them to run around there, but it often gets pretty crowded during lunch time. Since we got up and had breakfast pretty late, I suggested that we have lunch on the later side, hoping that the play area will be relatively empty in mid-afternoon. Of course I forgot that everybody else has winter break right now also so the place was packed by 1:45 pm when we got there, but the kids had fun nonetheless.

It was the first time for my baby boy to roam around there free and he was thoroughly amused by climbing all over the place. At some point he managed to lower himself off of the first “step” in the climbing thingy toward the wrong side and he ended up sort of stuck there just looking out for somebody to help him out and that’s when I took this photo of him. Interestingly, he must have enjoyed being in there since after I rescued him that first time, he continued to very deliberately get back in there.

(85mm, ISO 800, f/2.5, 1/400 sec)

At McDonald's

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