Happy New Year

It’s New Year’s Eve. It’s just like any other night for me. My kiddos are still too small to stay awake and greet the new year at midnight, and I’m too tired from never getting enough sleep to do anything special on New Year’s Eve. And even if I weren’t too tired, my younger too seem way too young to be left with a babysitter. If only my family lived closer…

Anyway, I had these grand plans for a New Year’s photo this year – the girls and I were going to dress up and wear wigs and “2016” tiaras and pose all fancy, but then I had to break down my studio when my in-laws were staying with us over Christmas and I have yet to get a chance to set it back up. Plus I could not find “2016” tiaras anywhere, oddly enough. So, instead, I asked my girls to dress up in their ladybug and bee outfits and have fun jumping on the guestroom bed while I took photos of them.

It turns out that I’m kind of not so good at manually focusing on moving subjects and I have yet to fully master my camera’s AI-Servo and AI-Focus modes so my girls are not the sharpest on the photo, and unfortunately I overdid the high pass filter in Photoshop a bit so there is a bit too much “artificial sharpening” going on on this photo, but I think it’s cute nonetheless.

(50mm, ISO 125, f/7.1, 1/125 sec. + 150ws monolight with 17″ beauty dish and sock, and 150ws monolight with 8″ reflector and 30* grid slightly behind and above the girls)

Happy 2016

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