Best of Film December 2015

I sent three rolls of film for developing at the end of last year and got access to the scans tonight. To my huge disappointment, one of the rolls was full of severely under-exposed shots. and it just happened to be the roll that had the photos from my baby boy’s first birthday. I know how it happened – I had by accident turned the lens to f22  aperture instead of leaving it on auto but I let the camera pick exposure as if the lens was on auto. I’m pretty grateful right now that I used both digital and film on his birthday so not all is lost.

The first three shots are taken with my old Canon AE-1 Program and Ilford Delta 400 film, and the last two with Canon Rebel Ti that my brother-in-law gave me, and Ilford Delta 3200.

Seeing the results of these three rolls of film taught me two things – I need to learn how to best use color filters when shooting black and white film, and I need to get a light meter and always use manual shooting mode with film just like I do with digital.

Of course, being shot with film, these are unedited scans straight from the lab.

Best of film Dec 2015 1

Best of film Dec 2015 4

Best of film Dec 2015 3

Best of film Dec 2015 2

Best of film Dec 2015 5

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