Mamiya RZ67 Pro II – My New Favorite Thing

I sold my old Canon T2i and EF-s lenses to Adorama, and purchased a barely used Mamiya RZ67 Pro II with two regular 120 film backs and a Polaroid back. It’s been a dream of mine for a while to own and medium format film camera and I’ve spent months now researching different options. Most people think of Hasselblads when somebody mentions medium format, but Hasselblad was never on my list of brands to want. Somehow the 6×6 format seems limiting to me. I much prefer the 6×7 that Mamiya and some other brands – Pentax, Bronica come to mind – offer.

At first I was actually thinking of getting the Mamiya RB67 Pro SD instead – mostly because it’s much cheaper and there is also some appeal in having a fully mechanical camera where you never have to worry about batteries, but once I saw the RZ I ended up getting on Ebay for next to nothing (if you can call $500.00 next to nothing) I could not resist. It’s a newer camera and it also has the option for a metered prism if I will find that I end up messing up the exposure on film after film. Of course, after looking through the world through that amazing waist level finder, which makes everything look so pretty, I am determined to not ever get a prism finder for my camera. Never say never though, right? But I think the Polaroid back will be super helpful in nailing the exposure whenever I have to get it 100% correct.

I tried out a few Polaroid shots, of myself through the mirror, in my studio tonight. I messed up the exposure on two of them, and on the third I messed up focus a bit, but I’m sure that with time and practice I’ll get better at handling my new favorite thing. Can’t wait to see my first set of developed negatives.

The image below is taken with my good old Canon 5d. I don’t have access to a good scanner – my multi-tasking printer, scanner, copier is not the greatest tool for high quality scans of images – otherwise I would have posted one of the Polaroid photos fresh out of my Mamiya as well.

(85mm, ISO 100, f/7.1, 1/125 sec + 150ws monolights on 1/2 power with a beauty dish above and to the right and a 150ws monolight on 3/4 power with 12×36 softbox diagonally on the left)

My New Favorite Thing

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