Playing in Mamma’s Studio

I may have mentioned in one of my prior posts that my studio space is right off of the kids’s playroom. It’s an addition that is not connected to our house heating system, instead there are these electric wall heaters that we never turn on unless we have guests staying with us during the cold season. I do, however, tend to open the door between the studio and the palyroom whenever I make fire in the woodburning stove in the playroom just to let some warm air in that space every now and then also.

I really don’t like when my kids mess around in the studio. They always get my backgrounds all crumpled up and stained and I fear that they will push my strobes over and break them, but when the door is open, there is very little I can do to prevent them from wandering in there occasionally. Today, after I asked her to pose for a few polaroid shots by the window in the studio, my middle child grabbed two chairs and put them next to each other and asked that I take pictures of her and my baby boy sitting together. My little man, surprisingly, sat right down there when he saw the chair and over the course of about 20 minutes I got what I thought were some adorable shots of them together.

I was really excited to work on these photos until I saw the, and realized that I did a poor job with focusing, picking the right shutter speed, etc. None of them look quite right. So here is a sequence of a few that I’m ok with, but I wish that I would have done a better job to get these right in the camera…

(85mm, ISO 1600, f/7.1, 1/60 sec)

Playing in Mamma's Studio 1

After having sat next to each other, they decided, or, rather, my daughter decided that it would be a good idea to have her brother share the chair with her. They couldn’t figure out how to get him up there at first, but, industrious as they are, they moved the little chair in front of the big one and up he went.

(85mm, ISO 1600, f/7.1, 1/60 sec)

Playing in Mamma's Studio 4

I’m aware that the below photo has totally blown highlights and I know that that’s less than ideal. To get the lighting right, I would have needed a fill light in the front to balance the strong window light on both sides of my kiddos. I was in my studio and I could have technically grabbed a flash, but the moment would have probably passed by the time I would have gotten the light working with correct settings.

(85mm, ISO 1600, f/7.1, 1/60 sec)

Playing in Mamma's Studio 2

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