A Little Boy in a Big World

My baby boy is stable enough on his feet now that I sometimes let him walk from the car to the house all by himself. It’s fun to see him outside, he seems thoroughly amused by the different sensations of walking on concrete vs. dirt vs. grass, and he has to try them all, every time. Today he stayed long enough on the path that leads to our front door that I managed to snap a photo of him with my cellphone. It was cloudy and grey outside today and the photo had a gloomy feel to it, so I went sort of crazy in Photoshop and made the photo much more dreamy and colorful, and very obviously not natural looking, but sometimes I like my photos like that.

Since it’s a cellphone photo, I have no idea what settings were used to capture this. It certainly was not settings I would have chosen, I would have probably used a much wider aperture and focused more on my baby than my phone camera did.

A Little Boy in a Big World

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