Trying to Copy Steven Meisel

Tonight was the first time this year that I had a chance to spend an hour in my studio, undisturbed. Oh how I’ve missed playing around there. It’s always a huge stress relief for me. There is something about the creative process that makes me happy and calms me like nothing else.

A few months ago I saw a photograph by Steven Meisel  of Daria Werbowy (shot for Vogue Italia May 2004) in jeans with bare upper body, covering her breasts by leaning a hand on the floor and having her body turned sideways toward the camera. I haven’t been able to get that image out of my head and tonight I set out to trying to create something similar. I had studied his photo at length and my best guess, based on catchlights in the model’s eyes, is that to create his image, he used two lights, probably with softboxes, one from above and one from below on camera left, and probably also a light on camera right to illuminate the background. I had to cut corners and use a monolight and a reflector because in my small studio space, to get the light right, the second monolight would have needed to be placed too low to the ground for any of my lightstands to work. My second softbox would have been the wrong size for the task anyway. I also forgot to set up the light on the background. I’m beating myself up over the latter…

Despite the above described issues, I’m relatively happy with the result, considering that I am just in the beginning stages of learning about photography and Mr. Meisel has been at it for a long time so there is no way I could ever measure up to his level of skill. Of course, it also goes without saying that my 40-year-old body and face don’t come anywhere close to Daria’s beautiful, at the time of capture, 21-year-old body and face, but it was fun to try it.

(50mm, ISO 160, f/8, 1/125 sec + 150ws monolight with 24×36 softbox and a silver reflector on camera left)

Trying to Imitate Steven Meisel


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