I don’t like the idea of punishments for the sake of “making it hurt” for a child that has done something wrong. What I do try to do though is to have my children have sort of logical consequences when they do something that they know they are not supposed to do. Yesterday, for example, my oldest had pushed her plate away when she was done with her dinner but decided to take an extra dinner roll. Because she didn’t eat it over the plate, by the time she was done, there were a lot of crumbs on the table. I asked her to grab a wipe and clean them off but instead she decided to just push the crumbs in her hand and then throw them on the rug. She knows very well that that’s not what she is should do so I asked her to vacuum the rug. She tried to protest exclaiming that she does not know how to use the vacuum cleaner – which is true, she’s never used it before – but I showed her how to turn it on and how to move it to get all the crumbs up and she ended up liking vacuuming so much that she cleaned the entire rug. More than one lesson learned for her there I hope.

(50mm, ISO 1600, f/3.5, 1/100 sec)


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