Sneaking Into the Studio

During the winter months I often keep the door that separates my studio from the playroom open to let some warm air from the fireplace in the playroom into the studio space that we otherwise don’t keep heated because it’s not connected to our house heat. It would simply be too expensive to keep the in-wall electrical heating units running all the time. Keeping the door open is really frustrating though. My youngest two always try to venture in there, sometimes with crackers in their hand, and turn the studio into the same kind of mess that their playroom is in all the time even though I make sure that everything gets picked up at least every other day. But since I’m worried about something happening to all my photo equipment if the room gets too cold, I continue with the endless repeating to my middle child to please not go in there and the running after my baby boy and bringing him back into the playroom. I think it’s probably the forbidden nature of the room that keeps them going back, but I just can’t let them go wild in there even once – the cost to me could be pretty significant if they were to break something in there.

Here is my baby boy from yesterday venturing in there again, after the what seems like a hundredth time of me bringing him back out. It wasn’t the last time for the day either.

(85mm, ISO 1250, f/2.5, 1/100 sec)

Sneaking Into the Studio

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