Real Snowmen Wear Tophats

We still have a whole lot of snow on the ground after last weekend’s winter storm even though it was nearly 60 degrees outside today. It was a beautiful day for building a snowman, although it was also kind of odd to have to dress the girls in their snow outfits and wear gloves when it was otherwise a beautiful wear-only-your-long-sleeved-shirt-kind of a weather.

The snowman turned out pretty awesome and he even got to wear a tophat for the day, as is appropriate for a real snowman. And no, we did not buy a tophat just for the snowman. My husband actually owns (but has never worn) a tophat. His mother gave it to him for Christmas the year we bought the fanciest old Victorian house in a small town in Pennsylvania (no, we’re not super rich, we purchased the house for less than six figures, it was a real fixer-upper located in a somewhat economically depressed area in Pennsylvania) and he jokingly told everybody that since we bought the mini-mansion that was originally built for the founder of that town in the late 1800’s, he should run for the town mayor. So his mom, also as a joke, gave him a tophat to be worn the day he was to become the mayor of that town.

(85mm, ISO 100, f/3.5, 1/800 sec)

Real Snowmen Wear Tophats

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