Beautiful Sunset in Maryland

I love sunsets in Sweden; there is something almost magical about them ninety percent of the time in the summer. Somehow sunsets where I currently live in Maryland never seem to come anywhere close that mesmerizing beauty of the ones back where I come from. Last night I saw a glimpse of pink in the sky and went out with my camera to see if I can create something pretty of what I saw. After walking around the corner of my house, I was greeted by the most beautifully colorful sky. Maybe that’s why sunsets have never seemed very pretty here – the prettiness takes place on the side where our house has no windows. Unfortunately, that side also has a bunch of power-lines criss-crossing and making for a very ugly foreground, which means that you really have to hunt for the best angle to get an “uncluttered” image.

I normally like to under-expose sunset shots a bit because it tends to yield prettier and more vibrant results than exposing correctly. I used the same slight under-exposure to capture the sky last night. To my surprise, the shots turned out way too vibrant. I had to take the vibrance slider in Lightroom down to -12 to get the image have something close to what I remembered the colors to look like. Other than adjusting vibrance in Lightroom and softening the image a bit in Photoshop I barely did any post-processing on this one.

(85mm, ISO 500, f/10, 1/40 sec)

Beautiful Sunset in Maryland

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