My Magic Orchid

I love orchids, all orchids, but especially the one I call my magic orchid. It was given to my by a dear friend when my first child was born and ever since then it has only bloomed when I have either conceived or given birth, every single time, and never at any other time. Until now of course. I’m done having children, so the orchid decided to shoot out a stem with buds right around my baby boy’s first birthday and now, two months later, three of the blooms are finally open.

I’m always amazed when I look closely at those blooms. The inside part of the flower is shaped like something that could be alive – it’s like a mixture of a bird and a human. It’s stunning. Ideally I should have taken this photo with a macro lens (if I had one that it, which I don’t) and a smaller aperture to really capture all the details of this mind-bogglingly beautiful flower, but I still like the image, technically imperfect as it may be.

(135mm, ISO 250, f/4.0, 1/160 sec)

My Magic Orchid

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